PADI IDC on Malapascua Island, March 2014

Another PADI IDC program just ended on Malapascua Island, Philippines. It was a very busy month for Course Director Bas as he proved that we can adapt for people with very different needs.

Master Instructor Jason Orage was on hand to help out and was also in preparation for his own Course Director Training Course at the end of the month, after which he will be taking on the position of TSD’s full time on site PADI Course Director and Technical Instructor Trainer.

PADI Course Director Bas

PADI Course Director Bas

The program started off with two candidates. Luke (from England) had been with Thresher Shark Divers for a few months completing his Dive Master Training on their Dive Internship program. Luke had worked for years in an IT company before deciding to switch his keyboard for a regulator! When he first contacted us, he had never dived before, and following his successful IDC, he is now managing a dive shop on the island, so he is proof of what you can do if you set your mind to it!

Ute (from Germany) visited TSD as a fun diver last year and loved it so much she wanted to come back to do her PADI Instructor Course! Ute is working in an Embassy in Beijing and was doing the IDC for personal interest.

PADI IDC Malapascua Luke and Ute

Luke, Bas and Ute

We started the PADI IDC with Luke and Ute on the 27th of February with the normal schedule involving preparation, theory review, lectures and presentations.

The candidates showed high comfort and confidence levels on all presentations and Bas and Jason watched the days fly by with great success. The Divemaster status was soon behind our candidates and the soon to be PADI Instructors were already in the teaching mood and behaviour!

And then on the 8th of March, Mark (from South Africa) and Dave (from Scotland) arrived to join the program! So of course they had some serious catching up to do! Both now living in Qatar, Mark works as a chef while Dave works for a gas company. Now that they had left the kitchen and the office behind, they were both up for an intense week to catch up to prepare themselves to become Open Water Scuba Instructors.

Dave had already completed an IDC elsewhere, but was not happy with his course and did not feel prepared for the Instructor Exam, so wanted to re-do certain parts.  Mark had not yet done anything; so in order to save time while he was here, we had him complete the PADI IDC elearning in advance. This covers quite a few of the IDC lectures and so is a great option for anyone with very limited time. It helped enormously with scheduling and avoided any evening lectures.

So if you do not enough time for one of our regularly scheduled IDCs, email us to ask about the PADI IDC elearning program. You can also take this option if you just want an easier pace when you are here, as it will allow you to miss certain lectures if you wish.  One-one-one IDCs are also available all year round and can be finished in as little as 5 days if elearning has been completed and you are well prepared.

As we had been expecting them, Bas had already worked out a schedule, making sure it fitted in well with Luke and Ute.

Unlike the last IDC when there was some unusual rain for the season, this time the weather was excellent. This gave the candidates and Bas the chance to take several breaks from the classroom and jump on the boat to enjoy some nice dives while working on the Open Water presentations or Instructor Specialties as part of the MSDT program.

This picture was taken on the way to Gato Island, the site they chose for the Naturalist and Photography Instructor Specialties.

Gato Island Malapascua

Gato Island, Malapascua

What is better than to spend a couple of hours on the boat, enjoying the sun and the marine life of Malapascua Island, before coming back and work on Standards and Dive theory? One of the many advantages of completing your PADI IDC in a tropical paradise!!


PADI IDC on Malapascua

Anyone who thinks that an IDC is only about sitting in a classroom has obviously not heard about our IDCs on Malapascua Island! Even when the IDC is in full progress you can go on Malapascua’s famous thresher shark dive every day! It’s an early start waking up at 4:30am to make your way to the dive center for a trip to Monad Shoal! But think how nice it is to start the day surrounded by sharks in 30 metre visibility! You’ll be back at TSD by 7:30am, just in time to sit down in Oscar’s with all the other divers for a well-earned breakfast and to rave about the dive. What a great way to start a day of classroom or Confined and Open Water presentations!

Thresher Shark Dive

Thresher Shark Dive

The four IDC Candidates each completed at least five Specialty Instructor Courses throughout the program. Several dives were on the schedule: Photography, Wreck, Deep, Nitrox, Naturalist and Night dives. From the thresher sharks to mating mandarinfish to seahorses, you name it, they saw!!! And these Instructor Specialties were on top of the free Specialty ratings we provide as part of your package: our exclusive Marine Resource Management Instructor Course and Oxygen Provider Instructor as well as our exclusive Thresher Shark Diver Specialty Course.

PADI Night Diver Instructor Course

On the PADI Night Diver Instructor Course you can see mating mandarinfish, seahorses, blue ring octopus and much more!

All too soon it was over for Luke and Ute who went on the final evaluation with PADI Examiner, Mark van der Poel, who came to the island for just a couple of days to give the final ok.

And yes! Another successful IDC and IE on Malapascua.


And there was more to come!

While Luke and Ute were busy on their IEs, Mark and Dave finished off their course with Bas. They completed their IDC in 7 days, half the time of a normal IDC. This shows that as long as the candidates are well prepared and are ready to put in the energy, lack of time should not be an issue!

Then they were off to Puerto Galera to join their IE a few days later, again with PADI Instructor Examiner, Mark. Both passed easily with great scores  :-)

With all this juggling, we were extra careful to make sure that all went smoothly for the candidates. And as it happens, all was good; in fact all went very well!!

This IDC was a challenge to all the staff involved, but that is what we are all about at TSD: finding out what you want and making it happen! So contact us to help you custom make your own PADI IDC package!

More photos on facebook. 

Our next PADI IDC starts soon



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