The latest PADI IDC on Malapascua, May 2014


The May Instructor Development Course (IDC) at TSD was a team effort and saw the return of Course Director (CD) Mark Soworka to Malapascua to join Thresher Shark Divers‘ own CD Jason Orage to teach the course together.

This IDC was very popular, with people from all corners of the globe coming to Malapascua. We had Joel from America, Goni from Switzerland, Marcus from Singapore, Reece from the UK, Jianna from Korea, and Trevor from Australia. In addition, Edmund from Singapore joined to complete his PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course as well as some Tec Courses with Jason with a goal to eventually becoming a PADI Technical Instructor. He had hoped to do it on this trip, but we decided time was a little tight and it was best not to do things too quickly. Next time Edmund!


L-R: Jainna, Goni, CD Jason, Joel, Reece, Marcus and Trevor


Several of our candidates had just finished their Divemaster Course with us. They were very lucky in that they already had some experience with the IDC and what would be required, as a few weeks earlier they had assisted on a PADI Assistant Instructor Course with another DM trainee, Susan. We teach AI courses at any time, so it is a great option if you cannot make one of our regular scheduled IDCs, or don’t have the time (or the money) to complete your it just yet.

For the candidates this was  a great taster for the IDC as they see how water presentations should be done.  This experience is something we like to offer whenever the chance comes up as it meant the candidates are extra prepared. As an aside, Susan enjoyed her courses with us so much, she will be returning for the next IDC in July :-)

PADI IDC Open Water

So that was a great start to the program!

First off is always theory. Everyone was strong to start with, but as the course went on, people started to get tired and nerves building up in the run up to the PADI Instructor Exam (IE).  We saw the strain and some people began to make some silly mistakes and forget things. So we went back to the basics with more lectures and made sure everyone had a solid base. This is one of the reasons we always advise all candidates to do as much theory preparation in advance. You can do this by independent study, with PADI’s online elearning, and with our exclusive dive-careers online study tools. You will receive login info for free when you sign up for your IDC at Thresher Shark Divers.


Surface skills in Open Water

The rest of the IDc progressed as expected, with the candidates doing well in the water and coming along nicely. However it wasn’t plain sailing for all. Marcus, Jianna and Goni all got a little sick and had to take days out of the water and off the course. How unlucky!!! But we are as flexible as possible on our IDC and so everyone was accommodated and managed to get through and finish.

Edmund, on his Staff Instructor course learned how to evaluate students on their presentations and how to assist on IDCs alongside the Course Directors.  Evaluating students is a whole bunch of fun! You see a whole different side to the PADI system of education, and you also realise that that it’s not quite so frightening after all :-)

PADI IDC Staff Instructor slate

Finally it was time for the PADI Examiner to arrive to conduct the IE. This IE was a big one for Malapascua with a group travelling up from Cebu City as well as the local crew. A frightening moment for all the candidates! But the extra study sessions obviously worked because on Day One of the IE everyone passed theory with flying colours!

PADI IE in Malapascua

The PADI Instructor Exam

On the second day, the group passed Confined Water with only one minor mistake which was soon picked up and corrected. And the afternoon was Knowledge Development. All was fine except for Trevor’s laptop, which decided to throw a hissy fit!!! Oh no! It could have spelled disaster, but Trevor was so well prepared, he managed to complete his presentation without his notes :-)

The third day and final day came with the last session completed in Open Water. As they had done throughout their IDC all of the passed with great scores.

PADI IE - success

Once they were back on land it was time for the formalities and the presentations and all of a sudden we had 6 new PADI Open Water Instructors!!!

New PADI Instructors


Now it was time to PARTY!!! Everyone had a great night and certainly deserved it.

Once the hangovers had cleared up it was back to the classroom to complete some additional training and become PADI Specialty Instructors. Among the Specialties they chose were Wreck, Deep and Enriched Air Nitrox, all certifications which will make them much more employable.  Certainly at TSD we will not employ an Instructor who does not have these at a minimum. So now, once they start teaching students, it will not be long till they become Master Scuba Diver Trainers.

Congratulations to all!!!

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