Technical Diving Courses on Malapascua in the Philippines


TSD’s resident Course Director, Jason Orange, is one of very few CDs that can teach PADI Technical Courses all the way up to Trimix Instructor level.  So if you are interested in progressing through the PADI technical system, TSD Tec on Malapascua is the place to be!

Jason Orage, PADI Technical Course Instructor Trainer

If you are not sure whether it will be for you, any Divemaster Intern or IDC Candidate can have a free Tec tryout when they are on Malapascua.

Jason has been kept very busy recently with Tec courses, fitting them in between IDCs. Edmund Low from Singapore recently came to do his PADI IDC Staff Instructor Course and managed to fit in Tec 40 and Tec 45. His eventual aim is to become a PADI Technical Instructor and he is not far off from being able to do the first level; he just needs to get in a few more decompression dives. We hope to see him back soon!

PADI Tec Courses in the Philippines

Then straight after the IE which was at the start of June, Jason was straight into some more technical courses with Brett Forbes. Originally from US, Brett had been working in the Middle East and had come to the Philippines for some rest and relaxation. Little did he know what he was in for taking a tec course with Jason :-)

Says Jason:

Brett had never done technical diving before but enjoys the water as much as anybody I know. He was keen to learn and I’m always keen to teach.

We started with Tec 40 which is a very good introduction the technical diving. You learn about the equipment and its set up, basic dive planning, and a whole lot of new skills. As with recreational diving, good buoyancy is key to good technical diving technique, but it works in a whole different way so can be quite a steep learning curve.

Brett moved quickly through his courses and absorbed a lot of knowledge and his skill based improved drastically. We progressed through Tec 45 and soon onto Tec 50 at which point he had completed the full PADI Tec Deep course, quite an achievement!

PADI Tec Deep Course

He then completed the Trimix 50 course. This is a PADI Specialty Course that not so many people know about. Along with Trimix 45, it is a great way to get a taster for trimix diving and see if you want to progress to Trimix 65 and the full Trimix Course.

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