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PADI IDC Preparation Course

During the PADI IDC and PADI IE you will need to demonstrate top quality diving skills and be competent in the theory that you studied during your Divemaster course. If you have not come immediately from finishing your DM, your skills and theory are likely to need refreshing. And if you completed the new PADI DM course, there will be some new theory for you to learn.

During the IE you are required to take 5 exams:

  • PADI IDC & DM MaterialsPhysics
  • Physiology
  • Equipment
  • RDP
  • General Skills and Environment

Unless you took the old Divemaster course (pre-2011), you probably would not have studied for these before, yet you are expected (by PADI) to enter the IDC prepared for them. So you will need to bridge this gap in your knowledge. But don't worry! We include this in your Prep Course.

Even if you did the old Divemaster course, you will need to review this theory, so all candidates need to study for these exams. To prepare, you will need to have your own copies of the Diving Knowledge Workbook and the Encyclopedia of Recreational Diving.

This is also available for you to complete in advance with PADI e-learning.

You will also need to make competent demonstrations of each of the 24 confined water skills.

The IDC Prep Course is highly recommended for anyone who has not recently finished their Divemaster course at TSD.

About the PADI IDC Prep Course

PADI IDC Rescue ScenariosThe IDC Prep Course offers a thorough review of your dive theory and skills as well as tuition for the exams. Your course will be tailored to your needs and will focus on your weak points in order to make you a strong all-round candidate. Duration depends on number of candidates and required tuition. Typically it is 3-5 days and may be spread out over a longer time if you come in advance and/or need more training e.g. if it has been a long time since your DM course. There is the option to take our Extended Prep Course as well.

The IDC Prep Course will allow you to spend the IDC focusing on the IDC course itself rather than working on skills you should have already mastered.

During the IDC Prep course you have lectures on theory, take sample exams and review any questions you might have. You will also have plenty of time to practice skill circuits.

On your first day in the water you will be assessed on your current skills and we will see where you need to focus. You will do plenty of water-work reviewing skills and improving any areas in which you are lacking. This will include Rescue Workshops and Skills Workshops.

If you have just arrived in Malapascua, this is also a great chance to get wet, try out new equipment etc.


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