Below are the schedules for the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the PADI Instructor Exam (IE).

There will also be two additional days for EFRI and the free specialties, these will either be at the beginning or end depending on the schedules of the candidates, or it may be possible to do these during the IDC which also includes one "free day".

You can also schedule tec courses at student or Instructor level before or after your IDC.

PADI IDC Schedule 2024, Malapascua

IDC Prep CoursePADI IDCMalapascua IE
Feb 14-15Feb 16-27Feb 28-29
Mar 25-26Mar 27 - Apr 11
Note: approx 4 day break for Easter weekend.
Apr 12-13
May 24-25May 26 -Jun 6June 7-8
Aug 2-3Aug 4-15Aug 16-17
Oct 4-5Oc 6-17Oct 18-19
Nov 29-30Dec 1-12Dec 13-14
Please note: IE Dates and Location are subject to change by PADI which may affect the IDC schedule slightly.

Next year's dates are expected to be similar to this year.
They will be announced in September, and based on PADI's IE schedule.

Please note that Assistant Instructor and EFRI courses can also be taught at any time. Even the IDC can sometimes be taught on demand and it may be possible to arrange one-on-one courses.

Rest days may also be scheduled, and these can also be used as study days or skill practice days with the IDC staff, or you can go on dives with Thresher Shark Divers: usually you will get some FREE dives with your package!